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Business FX

Maximising profitability is a key concern for any successful business, and if your company has overseas commitments, Pickfords FX can help improve your bottom line.

Whatever your industry, and whatever your requirements (be it meeting import/export costs, managing a foreign payroll or investing in overseas real estate) our range of specialist services and risk management solutions can be adapted to suit.

The foreign currency market is one of the most volatile trading platforms in the world, with exchange rates moving by as much as 10% in a matter of weeks as a result of social, political, economic and even environmental shifts.

Businesses with foreign currency transfers to make on a regular or sporadic basis are therefore exposed to the risk posed by a sudden negative shift in the market. For example, if you were exporting a large shipment of goods and the exchange rate suddenly moved against you, you would receive less for the goods than you’d anticipated, eroding your profitability.

By taking a proactive approach to your transfers and talking through your options with Pickford FX, it’s possible to save a considerable amount of money.

Pickford FX can offer you:

Specialist Guidance

As soon as your business registers with Pickfords FX it will be assigned its own dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager will act as a constant point of contact and has the expertise necessary to help you pick the best FX solution for your needs.

They will also keep you informed of the latest market movements and currency trends so you can choose the most lucrative time to make a trade.

Fast, Free Currency Transfers

With Pickford FX, transfers are conducted expediently at the best possible exchange rate, without transfer fees or commission costs.

Risk Management Solutions

Pickfords FX is able to offer your company a range of contract options and order types to help you safeguard your company from currency risk. For example, with a forward contract you can fix an exchange rate when it’s favourable and conduct a transfer at that rate up to two years later.

Regular Overseas Payments

The regular overseas payments service offered by Pickfords FX would give your company the option of automating any monthly or quarterly foreign currency transactions. After the initial set up, future transfers would be made automatically on a pre-set date at a competitive rate of exchange. Your business will also avoid paying the transfer fees and commission costs added on by most banks, potentially saving you hundreds of Pounds over the course of the year.