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Every year Pickfords helps thousands of people pack up and transport their homes in readiness for starting a new life overseas.

Whether you’re moving to Spain or Australia, France or Canada, Pickfords can offer you a professional, flexible service and help make your emigration go smoothly.

Pickfords FX is also there for you during this exciting transition and can help you save a considerable amount of money on your foreign currency transfers.

Most people find that they need to move money abroad both before and after their emigration.

Initially you may need to move across large amounts, perhaps for the funding of a foreign property purchase. Then, once you’re settled, you might find you need to transfer smaller amounts on a regular basis to meet mortgage payments or to manage wages or a pension.

While most banks do handle foreign currency transfers, you’ll get more for your money with Pickfords FX.

Unlike most banks, Pickfords FX don’t charge transfer fees or commission costs.

They can also secure you an exchange rate up to 3% better than the banks are able to offer, which could mean the difference of thousands of pounds on larger transactions.

Furthermore, clients of Pickfords FX are able to benefit from the expert guidance of dedicated, personal Account Managers and have access to a range of specialist services like Forward Contracts and Limit Orders. The provision of currency analysis and the latest market news also means that you’ll have all the information you need to make your transfer at the most lucrative time.

If you want to start your new life overseas with more money in your pocket, get in touch with Pickfords FX and see how they could support your emigration.