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If it’s time to return home after living or working overseas, you probably have a whole list of things you need to organise. While Pickfords can help you pack up your belongings and ship them back to the UK, Pickfords FX can also alleviate some of your stress by ensuring your get the most for your money when you repatriate your funds.

Repatriating your savings or overseas investments with the support of Pickfords FX is not only more convenient than using your bank, but can also be considerably swifter and more cost-effective.

After assigning you a dedicated, personal Account Manager, Pickfords FX will help you secure an exchange rate up to 3% better than that offered by the banks, potentially leaving you thousands of Pounds better off. Furthermore, Pickfords FX don’t charge transfer fees or commission costs, so you’ll see further substantial savings.

Exchange rates are very volatile and picking the best time to make a trade can be tricky, but Pickfords FX will keep you informed of market movements and currency trends so you don’t miss out on a favourable shift. This also gives you the chance to safeguard your funds if the market looks like it might move against you by utilising specialist services like forward contracts.

Something else which has to be taken into account when it comes to the repatriation of funds is that not all nations allow the process to be conducted freely. Outside of the EU (where there are few restrictions applied to transferring money between countries) you may need to meet very strict compliance guidelines. Your Pickfords FX Account Manager will be able to offer guidance in this area.

If you’re repatriating and like the sound of starting back in the UK with more Pounds in your pocket, get in touch with Pickfords FX and see how they can help.